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Do you want to create professional videos and establish yourself as a content creator, but do not know where to start? 

I am about to launch my new video creator program, specifically for content creators and personal brands, explaining exactly how to get up and running using video. The best bit about this training is that it takes just a few hours! 

If you want to be part of this amazing opportunity, click the button below to find find out more and register for the BETA!

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Who is Joe Cullen?


Joe Cullen was born and raised in Essex, UK and now resides and runs his business in Ipwsich, UK. Since 2013, Joe has leveraged his expertise in Computing and IT to build a business helping content creators, small businesses and people just like you use Open Source Software. He works closely with open source communities to translate technical jargon into easy-to-consume chunks of information.

Joe also works as an IT Manager for a large farming co-operative and is known for his technical ability and skills throughout the office.

When Joe isn't working he can be found spending time with his family on hikes and trips out. He also enjoys video games and occasionally has a geek-out session on the PC or Playstation.


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Best Tools and Training for Content Creators

Video Editing

Start video editing the easy way with Shotcut, our carfully selected open source video editor!

Audio Editing

Start your very own podcast today with Audacity, our favourite open source audio editing program!

Image Editing

Start using the open source software application, GIMP, to produce quality imagery!


Edit videos with piece of mind with my proven process

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